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Infection —

Welcome back to my ramblings, if you’re a previous reader, and an even bigger welcome if you’re new here via our website, or however else you have found me.

I’ve mentioned a few times the simple project that I developed back in May using Blitz to create a game in 30 days, which was Gravity Force. However, prior to this I had been working on something else which is at a finished level but I had plans to develop further into a much bigger game. I never got around to going back to this as we formed “Dexterity Design” and started work on finishing and promoting “iDef” instead.

So I’ve dug up the compiled project (Mac only at present until I can get a PC build compiled again) which I’m putting up here for people to play with.

Here’s the download as it was from the last build I did: Infection0.26-OSX.

As with Gravity Force I do plan to throw out the source code at some point but I may work again with this one so I’m not sure when right now.

Very soon we will be starting off the blog on our Dexterity Design website which will be covered by both Aaron and myself talking specifically about what we’re doing as a company but this blog is going to carry on as is. I’ll be updating it as often as I feel the need to share my progress in whatever I’m doing outside of our joint projects. And mostly because Aaron will tell me off about blogging about my stuff before we started making proper-games 🙂


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