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Putting it all on screen —

With a mocked up game board in place it’s straight onto probably the hardest part of the project, which is handling all the objects needed for the game. There are 14 holes to keep track of on the board, and 48 pegs. We need to know the hole location of each of those pegs, the […]

Infection —

Welcome back to my ramblings, if you’re a previous reader, and an even bigger welcome if you’re new here via our website, or however else you have found me. I’ve mentioned a few times the simple project that I developed back in May using Blitz to create a game in 30 days, which was Gravity […]

My first Blitz game in ages. —

I recently made the decision to stop messing about with Blitz and get into Swift so Aaron and I could start working on IOS development. However, because I got a Mac-mini to enable me to do all this by having XCode, I thought I’d put up some of the questionably better stuff I’ve done with […]