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Writing your way to being remotely interesting… —

I’ve decided that it’s infinitely easier to actually write a blog, rather than so-called professional writing for projects.

With a blog you’re almost just throwing down your thoughts and you rarely put any structure into the posting, or plan ahead into paragraphs and layout. It’s kind of like a “My Diary” where you’re writing for yourself and don’t care if anyone else actually does read it. You just hope that, when you come back and read it a few years down the line, that it makes some sort of sense, and you made your point without waffling like some rabid baboon.

Punctuation, spacing, formating, prose, spell-checking? Who gives a monkey? It’s a blog not a narative for your next English class. Is anyone going to care how it’s been put to the page (screen) as long as it’s (hopefully) actually interesting.

And, as I currently look back at this one, I realise it’s actually not, and that perhaps I should just get to the point.

So, at present, I’m tinkering with a document that we’ll be putting up on the Dexterity Design website. I’d link to it but if you guys just look right then I’m pretty sure it’s not hard to find. Can’t believe I almost actually put a smiley there as well. Sarcastic soul, me.

And my point I’ve been working towards is just how much harder it is when you want to put words on a page that need to look professional. Or at least competent. I’m not a huge critic of my efforts mostly, but this one does make me question every character I practically type. Struggle isn’t the word.

I’m probably setting myself up for an actual asassination now once I actually finish with all the drafting and put the document up online but, what the hell. Here’s me practically asking for it. Wish me luck !!


As an afterword for this post I was intending to write a bit about the incredible work Bruce Henderson has been doing with BlitzMax NG that I’ve recently been testing out on some of my code. I’ll come to that next post, when I’ve got a little more time to do it justice but, suffice to say for now is that we got it working with a couple of my games on IOS. I was very impressed and it actually gave these two games a new lease of life in my eyes, so I’ll go into this next post.


Edit: I never got to making that post as I wanted to get BlitzMax NG working properly without having to hack about with the configuration so much. I hope to one day maybe do this but I’ve tried a few times since to get NG compiling workable XCode projects since my initial success without luck and I’ve not had the time to document the bugs and make Brucey aware of it. Tony – 8/2/2017



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