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Envahi is finished —

After a marathon coding session over Saturday and Sunday I finally got the game finished. It’s not perfect but it’s still a great pick-up game considering I sacrificed a few things at the end to make the deadline.

Most of the time on Sunday was spent tracking down some real pain-in-the-butt bugs from new stuff I put in on the Saturday to replace the text box notifications that I’d been using until now for events. Due to the way the game state was written and my extremely stupid management of the project with the number of objects, it really was a job adding in new stuff and getting it working with stuff already there. By the time I closed off on the code and fixed the last bug, it was something like 02:30 am and I had to be up in four hours for work. I wasn’t very useful yesterday, that’s for sure.

Learning from this, future games I write will be a lot more thought out because I had the same problem with Boulderdash which, while mostly finished, I made a tentative start a few weeks back on reworking most of the code at the same time as switching to an objects system due to the AI problems.

Monday I spent some time getting a PC build together on my crappy laptop which involved all sorts of visual studio fiddling but eventually the project was uploaded on ItchIO – as you can see from the link above. The widget will take you to the page if you want to play the final game.

We’ll see how it does in the competition in a week or so…

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