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Envahi continues —

Some nice Airwolf music goes in today as I got permission from the composer to use it for this game. It certainly sounds good when I play it on the hacked together title screen.

Took the unusual step of putting together the screen that shows when the game first launches today. I wanted to use the retro-evolved logo with the website name and state that the game is an entry for the competition and it gave me the opportunity to work on the logo some more. Not totally happy with it but it’s a lot better than it used to be.

My better half took a look at the elements I’e cobbled together so far and suggests – tactfully – that it all looks pretty shit at the moment. I’ve done a piss-poor job on the two large helicopters that hog the front screen and she’s pretty adamant that something more detailed should be there instead. As I’ve been considering having maybe having one bigger helicopter moving back and forth behind whatever I do on screen anyway, I concur. I explain it’s placeholder stuff just to hold the title screen scene while I work on the actual game scene.

She then reminds me that nothing of the sparse game that’s currently there has changed in the last 3 days so what have I actually been doing. It’s background stuff like making sure the lives counter display works correctly and I’m working on having the scores all a certain number of characters and padded with zero’s so everything lines up neatly.

Think that all fell on deaf ears. She’s waiting for me to make the damn flood the city which is a long way off yet. I still have 9 weeks and a couple of days, right?

Anyway, background stuff is being written that will make things much quicker once they start being put in. The state machine I’m creating already works a lot better than Boulderdash and I’m using one hud element for all the scenes in the game now to make editing much quicker. Definitely going to lighten up on the amount of scripts I use this time as well.

After the honest opinion of how the title screen looks right now, and the fact that there’s not enough game to really show off yet, I’ll leave the screen shots out of the blog for now.


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