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2 more days —

Not going to write too much here as I am literally at the final crunch now with Envahi. It’s early Sunday morning and the game needs to be completed, hosted somewhere and will need final builds for both Mac and PC.

Spent a lot of time over the last week strictly whittling down the list of stuff to do as well as pushing through the stuff that I decided absolutely had to go into the game. Stuff that has been sacrificed includes a day/night mode, high score table, a few presentation aspects and the use of the other music track. I was worried it might come back and haunt me as I had nobody to get approval for using the track.

What has gone in though is as follows. I’ve long-since stopped adding anything new to the list of stuff that goes into the game.

Dam breaking and flooding city has been done.

All the graphic work has been done. The last part of this was putting in the game over and new life animations which were time consuming but I needed to have the transitions in the game to break it up a bit.

Music system has been put in for in-game and a set of retro loops (8 seconds each one) have been purchased and implemented randomly. Gameplay uses 8 of them or so and certain ones kick in at different events such as being grabbed, game over, new life and so on.

Sound effects have been put in. These don’t make your ears bleed – unlike the original Boulderdash effects according to Aaron 🙂

All the city backgrounds are in and working. I don’t have them as a level increase system yet but that’s still on the list to push through.

All sorts of other stuff to replace the temporary code like all the text messages that were there for key game events. I’ve still got some tidying up to do with all this but I’m mostly done now.

Strobing effects for key information sentences work finally. Harder than it sounds to get that right.

So, what’s still to get done?

I won’t bore you with a bugs list so it’s mainly just the balancing now and a couple of minor bugs to fix. I also have a bug with the splash screen that’s driving me nuts but I’ll code round that if I have to just to get the game done.

2 days to go. Crosses fingers.


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