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Website update —

Thought I’d put myself out there a bit more with some social media buttons and add a lot of Twitter integration as it seems a lot more people are starting to get interested in our #ParadroidRemake blogs and tweets. While I was at it I also added in dedicated pages to some old games I’ve been involved with including a link to iDef, now it’s not currently mentioned on our website due to the Paradroid build up page.

Our developer licence for Apple is probably due to expire soon so may as well see if anyone else wants to download it from the AppStore for free before they take it offline – as they do for expired developer contracts.

On the right is also a link to another new page which is where I have been working on my kind of memoirs, for want of a better description, of my experiences being a teenager as the home computer revolution came in. I’m not sure where it will go if I ever finish it, but I put up a draft (read rough) copy of the first couple of chapters in case anyone was interested in reading it.

Progress on the transfer game for Paradroid is still ongoing. It’s pretty tricky trying to get random layouts that are always workable in a game.

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