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Validius wins Syntax Bomb competition 10 —

You’d think I’d want to crow about this at the time but, for some reason, I seem to have forgotten to actually post this here. Anyway, for the 10th Syntax Bomb competition, Validius came top of the pack, which was a great achievement considering how good some of the other games were.

When designing and programming the game I was fortunate enough to not need too much graphical stuff compared to some games, so I just used freebie stuff and concentrated on pure gameplay mainly. It’s the first game I’ve put in gamepad controls – in fact the game is a pretty poor game trying to play on keyboard – and I pushed myself on the presentation side a bit more too.

The game was finished and submitted last May and has since been patched for some minor stuff since then so it’s well worth downloading now as I’m unlikely to update it any more.

You can find it and all the other games I waffle on about on my games page, linked on the right side of this post.

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