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Remaking another old game for the hell of it —

I was going to go straight back to the reworked Boulderdash project that I paused to code Envahi but decided to do something else first. The competition which I entered Envahi in has its voting finishing today so it will probably not be too long before the guys at Syntax Bomb start up another one and I’m pretty keen to have another try. As it stands it looks like Envahi has made third place when you discount the site owners own game as it’s only in there for voting and doesn’t count among the prize places. It sounds like a good achievement for a first time entering a competition like this but there were only six entries – and one was actually incomplete so wasn’t voted on by most people.

Anyway, I wanted to do a bit of coding in the meantime until the next competition was announced so I’m tinkering with a retro remake of something that I’ll talk more about if it works out just to test myself on something a little different. I’ve only had a couple of small sessions with it at present and it will be put to one-side if it’s not finished by the time the next competition starts, but it’s something to keep me occupied as I wanted a break from the boulders for a while anyway. I will come back and finally finish Boulderdash soon, though. It’s too far in to leave it shelved forever now.


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