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Paradroid music —

While Aaron and I were looking into wether we could actually do our own clone of Paradroid, I also went looking for some alternative music as I didn’t fancy the idea of using the droid chatter system of the original game.

Luckily I found that a chap called P I N (Michael Pin) had done a techno mix using a background sound and some of the sound effects from the actual game. You can listen to it now on his soundcloud page. The track is called “Do you remember Paradroid”

Michael has agreed to let us use the music and could also compose something new for us if we need another track later on. Naturally, we are really happy about that as, due to the game Paradroid not belonging to us, we never planned on ever trying to sell it, so we were never going to be able to pay for anything we used that was created by anyone other than ourselves.

Aaron had been tinkering around recreating some of the Paradroid sounds in code downtime but we also have a large sound file that Michael supplied which he used for his music project that we may also be able to make use of. Hopefully this will make the sound effects part of the project a lot quicker to get done.

Here’s also the original YouTube video Michael did when he created the music.

Do you remember Paradroid?


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