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General update —

Hi guys,

Sorry for going over a month without an update. I’ve been so busy with the new job that, while I’ve still been working on the game, I’ve not made time to blog about what I’m actually doing.

At present I’ve spent the last couple of weeks going back into the title sequence I started earlier in the year as we decided it was more important to get all that out of the way before getting the transfer game done. Our reason for this is that the transfer game is a self-containted, mostly scripted, room for the project so, as a result, will be easily ported into the main project once it’s completely finished, and tested.

The title sequence was pretty-much the first part of the whole project that I started working on before I dropped it half-done to try and put the transfer game in place so that Aaron wasn’t held up on his droid code. However Aaron rejigged his development list to work on other areas first and leave that fun part as the last part of the game to go in. He’s almost ready to make a start there but we haven’t tried merging projects yet so felt this was something we should get under our belt now both for future reference as to the difficulties, and so we can both modify how we start projects and handle cross-over elements, to make working as a team go even better with the next project.

So I’ve rewritten almost from scratch the old, poorly written title screen/attract mode sequence to pay tribute to what Andy Braybrook did, but give it a modern update. And it’s looking pretty good now, barring some graphics changes.

Some screenshots and a walk-through of what I’ve been doing will be in the next update – hopefully at the weekend.


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