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Brief update —

Sorry, I’ve been a bit quiet of late. Real life stuff slowing down my coding a bit but I’m still beavering away. Aaron’s been a lot busier so today I’ve been testing out all the droid info screens that he’s been plugging into the console. Now that these are in and working – just a few cosmetic changes to be made – the actual console part is almost finished. Aaron has the icon for statistics plugged in as well, which is something that the original game never actually had but got added by another coder years down the line, along with other improvements, when a lot more was known about the C64 hardware. Not to mention compression improvements allowing a lot more data to be held in memory. Quite how this will be setup is yet to be decided but it will probably get done once there’s proper gameplay running near the end, so that there’s stuff to actually track. He’ll no doubt blog about how he’s done the console screens once he’s written up all the fun he had doing the lifts.

The links on the right hand side of this page if you want to catch up with what he’s been up to. Certainly more than me this month /guilty-look


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