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Polishing the blog —

I took the opportunity to do a little housekeeping on the blog today which ended up with me getting my hands dirty with some raw html again. Very basic stuff in the end, and the kind of stuff I used to do in my sleep in the mid 90’s when we had nothing else to do it all for us. But, like everything else, you forget it all, when you have everything spoon fed to you. Tools like WordPress actually make it pretty easy to do most of what you want, it was just being stubborn that made me do it the hard way to get a couple of linked images in the side bar.

I’m now linking to Aaron’s blog – as he’s finally up and running. He’s trying to discipline himself to the mentality of blogging about what he’s up to. Just like I’ve been trying to do all this time, hence the sporadic entries.

That 15 month gap between posts we can all just forget about, right?

So, on the cards for this evening is a jump back onto the Paradroid project. Aarons still knee-deep trying to rip some of the original graphics and work from them so I’m going to capture all of the droids in a play-through this evening in 2* canvas through Vice.

I’ve got a trained version of Paradroid to help me get to the upper decks a lot easier but it’s pretty tempting to try and get there myself the hard way. Having a bit more time on my hands would probably make me try that as it has been a long time since i last played right through the game.

Hopefully I can make some observations about the game itself tomorrow – once I’ve done this refresher session.


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