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Old photo’s – for Triona

For Triona to laugh at. Some phone pictures taken from some of mums old photo’s

Probably around late 1987 time when I first got a disk drive for my C64. Not sure why I have it in my trap, however.

Same kind of time frame. I was probably in the British Legion in this picture. This was maybe 6 months before I left home and moved to Norwich.

That hair! Oh my, that hair !!

Definitely staged photo here. Maybe to wind mum up.

No words. I must have been around 8 or 9 here. I look like an extra from the fucking Waltons.

Yes, this really is actually Debbie.

This photo is around 1980 or so, I think. Grandad from Wrexham (mum’s father) in photo there on, I think, the only visit he ever made to 139 Northolt road. Allie sporting her tomboy hair, me looking a dick and Debbie was right grumpy, as usual.

This photo is either 1998 or 1999 driving a bus into the University of East Anglia. Natalie and Steve had jumped on board to say hello in the city centre and took a snap while I was on stand-time between passengers.

Nana from Wrexham (mum’s mother) – or She Who Must Be Obeyed Mk1 – as she was known. Mum was Mk2.

Not sure if there ever was another picture of Nan with all three of us.

Nan and Grandad from Wrexham – probably around 1986, a year before he died.

Grandad in his garden at 35 Beechley road. He loved that garden.

Another shot of grandad with Debbie from their visit around 1980.

Not sure what the furry is about but you can see one of mums paintings in the background.

This was a couple of years before I went to Wales to see nan and grandad between leaving Roxeth and joining Gayton. It would have been 1982 as Nan took me to see Star Trek II at the cinema, so maybe my memory is bad, as that would mean I’d been at secondary school for a year already which I’m sure wasn’t the case…

That’s mum. And, yes, that is me. I’m sooooo cute.

Debbie and me at Nan from Bromleys (dad’s mother) house in Capel close. I had blonde hair till I was six or seven, I think.

Still got remnants from the dreaded blonde hair that someone did for me here. This is outside my old bedroom at 139 Northolt road.

Just woke up. Hungover. Probably 1989-90.


Me again. Somewhere exists a photo of me around the same time with a banana and shades on looking seriously cool. Still have to find that photo somewhere.

Me and Debbie with Mum. Judging by my age this has got to be early 1969.

A little while after I left school. I bought my first suit in a charity shop. Cost me a tenner, as I recall.

The kids in our block. And the one in front. Ahmed from 127, Kim McArthy with the yellow shirt from 135. Me in front of her. Colin McCarthy with Caroling McCarthy holding him on her lap along with a girl I can’t remember. Then on the far right it’s Helen from 137. This photo has got to be around 1980.

My C64 again. Somewhere i finally got a colour telly in my room, it looks like.

In this photo I’m holding Anthony McCarthy. I used to look after him and Colin all the time. To the right of us are mum and dad – Margaret and Joe.

No words.

My first car. Drove it very little as I wasn’t legal at the time. Only time I ever drove it on the actual road, and not our estate, was a short trip from Sudbury Hill to South Harrow via the Southill avenue toll road to avoid being spotted. Think I did it all in first gear, too. No wonder the clutch went. This photo would be in 1987.

2000-2001 I was back on the buses in London earning enough money so I could go back to Norwich. I’d just changed my surname to Black then and was learning Visual Basic from that book. This photo is under the stairs at 139 Northolt road where mum kept her computer.

Can’t name the year. Looks like before I left for Norwich in 1988, though.

British legion drinking again.

This would be the canal boat holiday we all took in 1978, I think. Debbie would know. Debbie in the background and the girl on the right is Nicola Chapman. She was there with her brother, Scott. I had a huge crush on her. I was 9.

Gussie. She had a proper pedigree name but we just shortened it to Gus. She was very scared of anything and never went outside. She liked me to make a fuss of her when I was drunk, for some reason I never understood. Maybe because I wasn’t so loud. She was always mum’s cat and I think she only ever actually sat on my lap once when mum was in the room. Otherwise it was always her she would go to.

Mum in America. Bit younger there.

Mum with grandad in the middle and I think the chap on the left was Percy – a friend of his.

Nan at 139 Northolt road. She came down a couple of times after grandad had passed away to do fortune telling at the Roxeth show.

No idea where this picture was taken or date.

Uncle Martin – dad’s half brother – used to like winding Allie up all the time.

This is me being intiated into the cubs.

Me teaching a friend of mums how to play Chess. Turned out he actually knew and could play a decent game but he was humouring me. Think his name was also Tony, as I recall.

Canal boat trip again. Glen at the back left, Nicola next to me and I’ve got my hands in Allie’s hair. Eddie Murphy – my cohort on that holiday who I constantly got into mischief with, and his younger brother Michael. Scott is on the front right with Debbie looking like she will jump in the canal in the background.

Eddie, me and Scott.

Me and Damage before we became ‘Andsome Skinhedz.

Can not explain that hair. Or Debbie’s come to that. I just can not.