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Paradroid music —

While Aaron and I were looking into wether we could actually do our own clone of Paradroid, I also went looking for some alternative music as I didn’t fancy the idea of using the droid chatter system of the original game. Luckily I found that a chap called P I N (Michael Pin) had done […]

The transfer game —

Even though the title sequence still needs some work to get it up to standard, we decided that it was something to come back to later as there will soon be enemy droids going into the game. Obviously, without having the transfer game in place, it’s going to be just the shoot-em-up aspect of Paradroid […]

Bug fixing and text formatting —

Started ripping out the temporary text lines I’ve been using for testing the scrolling information. Had all sorts of fun and games creating a routine to load in a text file and then display the text using a DS_list. Because I’d been editing it on the virtual PC  it had inherited all sorts of stupid […]

Project maintenance —

Busy doing other things today so, rather than attempting to write code in a short amount of time, I went through what I actually had to comment it all up so it’s readable by Aaron as well as myself. I have to remember sometimes that I’m working collaboratively now and this stuff has to be […]

Title sequence update —

Today was a day of pretty heavy research looking into the most effective way to do the scrolling system on the title screen. As mentioned previously, I’ve tried a few different ways with varying success but the general rule appears to be to use a surface to get it done properly. This did turn out […]